A simple way to integrate and master your company’s data.

We connect you to 3rd party data, then match and master
based on criteria you define.

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You need clean, unified, and mastered data to get the kind of insights you need. But reconciling your company’s information is fraught with inaccuracies. The progress towards mastered data is manual and can feel impossible.

Shouldn’t there be a better way to master your data? We think so.

We believe it’s possible to make mastered data more precise and easier to manage. We’ve built a solution for you to share enriched data across your entire enterprise, using 3rd party data as your global key. Deliver one version of the truth and make data governance manageable.

Master your data to Master your business 

With Matchbook Services, we solve your data quality problems by accurately identifying your customers, suppliers, and partners to unlock the value of your data. With experience working with some of the world’s largest companies, we help you bring meaning to your data. Matchbook eliminates manual processing by providing the tools to match, enrich, and master your data. We help bring context to your business information.

Our approach to mastering data supports distributed governance and ownership of your data, which keeps the business in control of their data.

Matchbook not only gives you the tools to steward and match your records but also to seamlessly leverage the power 3rd party global business data to enrich and monitor your data.

Matchbook for Marketing

Know your prospects

Matchbook for Sales

Know your customers

Matchbook for Purchasing

Know your vendor risks and linkages

Matchbook for Compliance

Know your operational, regulatory, and reputational risks

Matchbook for Finance

Know the creditworthiness and corporate linkages of your buyers, borrowers, and creditors

Matchbook for Data Teams

Give your teams the information and stewardship tools they need

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