A strikingly simple way to integrate and master your company’s data.
Matchbook Services connects your information to Dun & Bradstreet’s
expansive database then matches and masters the records based on
confidence criteria you define.

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Better Together

Bring together high-quality business data from Dun & Bradstreet with your company information, and use Matchbook to perfect your match accuracy.

Perfect Matches

Matchbook Services is a SaaS solution that solves your data quality problems by increasing the depth of data matching through automatic and manual processes.


Build Confidence

In partnership with D&B, Matchbook helps accurately identify your customers, so you can confidently know who you’re doing business with.


Quality and Integrity

Uncover both risk and opportuntity in your business relationship – or potential relationships. Leverage the depth and bredth of D&B data to enrich your business data.

Master your data to Master your business 

With Matchbook Services, we solve your data quality problems by accurately identifying your customers, suppliers, and partners to unlock the value of your data. The Matchbook toolset matches your information against the world’s best source of commercial intelligence from Dun & Bradstreet to validate, standardize, enrich and monitor your data.

Using Dun & Bradstreet’s cleanse and match capabilities just got easier. Matchbook truly puts D&B’s data solutions at your fingertips. Share insights and analytics across your enterprise and provide a single, shared view of your most important relationships.

Matchbook not only gives you the tools to steward and match your records but also to seamlessly leverage the power of Dun and Bradstreet global business data to enrich and monitor your data.

Matchbook for Marketing

Know your prospects

Matchbook for Sales

Know your customers

Matchbook for Purchasing

Know your vendor risks and linkages

Matchbook for Compliance

Know your operational, regulatory, and reputational risks

Matchbook for Finance

Know the creditworthiness and corporate linkages of your buyers, borrowers, and creditors

Matchbook for Data Teams

Give your teams the information and stewardship tools they need

Visualize your matches with Matchbook Analytics

With a fully functional user dashboard, Data Stewards can view queue statistics to see how much data has been processed and the status of their matches. See at-a-glance how many of the processed company records were low confidence or had no matches at all and then compare that to low confidence match patterns. Also view process completions, API usage to date and number of matches by confidence code.

Our Customers

Matchbook Services

Matchbook Services was created by Sequel BI Solutions, global providers of technical consulting, master data management, data integration and SaaS solutions. Sequel BI Solutions is an expert provider of business intelligence and enterprise data warehousing solutions across all industries in various verticals.

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Dun & Bradstreet Global Alliance Partner