Work Smarter with Matchbook

Unlock and enhance enterprise team insights to excel, compete, and win.

From Marketing and Sales to Supply, Compliance, and Finance, your teams need data that’s current, structured, actionable, and complete.

I created Matchbook to help teams perform better, to lower the costs of delivering quality data, and to streamline access to Dun and Bradstreet’s global business data repository.

Rushabh Mehta

President and Founder, Matchbook Services

Matchbook not only gives you the tools to steward and match your records but also to seamlessly leverage the power of Dun and Bradstreet global business data to enrich and monitor your data.

Matchbook for Marketing

Know your prospects

Matchbook for Compliance

Know your operational, regulatory, and reputational risks

Matchbook for Sales

Know your customers

Matchbook for Finance

Know the creditworthiness and corporate linkages of your buyers, borrowers, and creditors

Matchbook for Purchasing

Know your vendor risks and linkages

Matchbook for Data Teams

Give your teams the information and stewardship tools they need

Matchbook for Marketing and Sales

Increase conversion rates and grow your key accounts with rich and relevant data

  • Use rich and current data to strategically segment, message, and nurture leads
  • Accurately segment and target leads with firmographic insights.
  • Build intelligent prospect lists modeled on your best customers’ attributes
  • Discover corporate linkages to execute intelligent sales territory management
  • Generate more cross-selling and up-selling with firmographic intelligence.

Matchbook for Purchasing

Understand the financial and operational risks in the supply chain

  • Assure completeness and reliability of vendor onboarding due diligence
  • Predict supply chain disruption threats (including tier-N)
  • Identify and assess alternative suppliers
  • Use linkage awareness to identify opportunities for negotiation leverage across a corporate family of related suppliers
  • Achieve sourcing concentration and cost efficiencies

Matchbook for Compliance

Identify operational, regulatory, and reputational risks across your company’s relationships

  • Achieve and monitor compliance objectives for
    • Vendor workforce diversity
    • Vendor policies for environmental sustainability
    • Leverage corporate linkages to identify human trafficking and other reputational risks
    • Meet ultimate beneficiary identification regulatory requirements
    • Map vendor and creditor linkages and concentrations

Matchbook for Finance Teams

Understand financial and credit risks and opportunities across all finance relationships

  • Use financial and credit risk analytics for informed credit and collections management
  • Rely on complete and current financial metrics for credit decisioning and prioritizing of collections
  • Streamline borrower and buyer due diligence for informed pricing and terms negotiation
  • Use alerts and data monitoring to respond to changes in risk indicators
  • Uncover corporate linkages that expose your company to credit, finance, or operational risks
  • Uncover corporate linkages to get a 360-degree view of relationships with prospects, customers, suppliers, and finance partners.

Matchbook for the Data Team

Use Matchbox to deliver reliable, trusted, current, relevant data across the organization

  • Deliver high quality, trusted data for source systems and applications
  • Match, update, and enrich business entity data at the point of entry
  • Use Dun and Bradstreet’s DUNS® Number as the key to identity resolution and corporate linkage
  • Leverage Dun and Bradstreet’s global business intelligence for a comprehensive view of key relationships
  • Know your prospects, customers, suppliers, and finance partners
  • Monitor data for real-time updates
  • Flag and alert relationships for significant risk exposure changes

Matchbook Services

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