Missing insights puts your business at risk.

Mastered data is more than just a resource, it’s a
solution to problems before they arise.

Master data for $0/month with Matchbook Essentials

Integrates with 3rd-party data providers

Start unlocking the true potential of your D&B or other corporate data subscription.

Access data enrichment packets
Enrich your matched data with Firmographic data packets for a true picture of your partners, suppliers and customers.
Easy plug-and-play integration

Start seamlessly managing multiple streams of data from disparate sources on Day One.

Receive remote training session

We’re here to ensure that you feel confident using all Matchbook’s tools.

Process up to 50,000 records per year

A great place to get started—with upgrades available if needed.

Live batch API service
Connect Matchbook directly into your data source for live, instant batch matching and processing.

Match 50,000 records for free

Import/Export directly or use the Matchbook Live API feature to get your matches instantly.

With Matchbook, you set your confidence codes, your rules and tags so only matches with your desired level of fidelity are returned back to you. Instantly.

Matchbook gives seamless and continuous integration with your data sources and line of business applications so you can have one, true record. You can minimize mistakes and make sure everyone is truly on the same page.

Enriching data

Fill in missing firmographic information and standardize accessible data across your organisation.

Matchbook Essentials give you 4 included enrichment packets, so you can truly know who you’re doing business with. Not only will enriched data solve inaccuracies in your applications, but it helps make your data digestible and deliver it in a format that helps guides decision making.


Do more with your data in just four steps

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    Sign up for Matchbook Essentials

    We charge a one-time $1250 onboarding fee.
    We’ve waived our onboarding fee for a limited time! Sign up before this offer ends.

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    Book your onboarding session

    Our team will explain everything you need to feel confident making matches.

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    Upload your data into the Matchbook portal

    Our SaaS tool works with multiple file formats for total convenience. 

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    Get instant matches with your 3rd party data provider

    Rather than waiting for a third-party to return your matches, you get near-instant matching using the most up-to-date records.