Matchbook Services releases tag-based rules among other advanced functionality in new release.

We’re excited to announce the new Matchbook Services release. We’ve added a whole set of new features and functionality in match, enrichment and administration. We’re also setting the stage for releases later in 2017 with monitoring set-up support.  Please take a moment to review the new feature list. You may also need to clear your browser cache in order for the new release to work properly.

New version:
Release Date: Feb 8, 2017

Major Release Features 

Tag Based Rules: This release adds the ability to isolate data processing and auto-acceptance rules using Tags. This will allow users to fine-tune how different sets of data is processed through the system for match and auto-acceptance, what data enrichments are applied and what monitoring is done on the data based on tags on input data. Tags will also be used to enable data security for data stewards in future releases. Tag based rules are only supported in Professional and Enterprise SKUs

Exclusions for Cleanse Match API Calls: These new cleanse match settings allow users to fine-tune the calls made to the D&B Direct Cleanse and Match API to only retrieve relevant results. These settings can also be selectively applied to inputted data via the new Tag Based Rule feature.

Auto-Accept Directives: Auto-accept directives allow administrators to control what type of record can be auto-accepted by the system. These directives can be fine-tuned using the new Tag based rule feature.

Data Enrichment Settings: Data Enrichment settings allow administrators to specify the types of data enrichment that should automatically be applied to data once a valid DUNS Number is selected. Application of data enrichment rules can be fine-tuned using the new Tag based rule feature

Additional Company Fields: Users can now see new additional fields uploaded through the input file when making match decisions.

Edition Based Entitlements: Features available to a customer are determined by the edition to support our new feature based pricing model.

Import and Match Data Export Changes: We are enabling new processes and views for customers connecting with the back-end database to support custom integration solutions and to also provide additional data for the match candidate and input record. This limited direct database access is only supported in Standard, Professional and Enterprise editions..

Monitoring Setup Support: Start creating all you monitoring elements with this version, in anticipation of the full monitoring capability coming in the next release. This version includes ability for administrators to create and manage monitoring configurations, including synching and setting up Monitoring profiles, User Preferences and Notification Profiles using D&B Direct 2.0 monitoring services. Users can also set up rules to automatically register DUNS numbers for monitoring. Current release will only feature monitoring setup for DCP_PREM. Future release will add support for other monitoring products. This feature will only be supported in our Professional and Enterprise editions.


Bugs Fixes and Minor Enhancements

  • Login – verify using Email: Added the ability to “Resend email” if email was not received. Also fixed a bug related to the verification using email where a user was able to bypass the 2-step verification
  • Re-active an inactive user: A bug caused the re-activated user to go back into an inactive state
  • Issue with duplicate records with the same SrcRecordId being exported – this is an edge case scenario that should not exist in actual implementations since SrcRecordId is required to be unique for each input record
  • Quick Search not bringing back search results – this was due to incorrect http encoding of the input data. This has been resolved
  • Dashboard Data Queue Statistics has changed to show the Active Data Queue Statistics. We now only show unprocessed (or un-exported) records in each queue
  • Header and label changes in Cleanse Match Settings
  • Removed phone number validation for Import single record UI
  • Revamped the sign-in experience via to remember user domain and login information for subsequent visits.

For more details on Features/Pricing, please visit our website at or contact Toni Gutierrez at  805-325-3893 or