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D&B License Keys

In order to use Matchbook Services, the admin user will need to input their D&B Credentials in order to access the different D&B services through the Matchbook Portal. Admin users can edit/delete the keys whenever necessary.

Default Keys For UI

Users make use of these D&B Direct +/ Direct 2.0 default keys for UI related lookups mentioned below:

  • Single Entity Search
  • Prospecting/ Build A List
  • Investigations
  • Type Ahead Search

Background Process Settings

As part of these settings, the admin will be able to configure background settings such as threshold settings and batch sizes to be handled while posting transactions through the Matchbook Portal:

  • Maximum Parallel Thread – determines the maximum number of threads initiated for processing
  • Cleanse Match Batch Size – determines the number of records that can be processed for that particular batch
  • Wait Time Between Batches (sec) – the wait time, in seconds, between batch runs

Enrichment Settings for UI Firmographics

Matchbook provides users the benefit of Enriching data through UI. This feature will enrich the Match Data/Clean Data/Search Data/Build A List data records in real-time with the product selected in “Enrichment Settings for UI Firmographics”.