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Matchbook Services “Export Data Process” allows you to export data at any stage during processing. Data can be exported using multiple combinations of the below data export types:

Export Data Details

The final step of the data stewardship process is to download or extract the output data (processed data) based on the organization’s requirements. Both Admins and Data Stewards are entitled to download the processed data at any time, according to the options selected within the Settings Features:

The above screen depicts the Export options. Below, these options are described in more detail:

  1. Select Filters – users can apply additional filters to download any specific data:
    • SrcRecordId – download matching SrcRecordId records in queues
    • SrcRecordId (Is Exact Match) – download any exact matching SrcRecordId record in queues
    • LOB Tag – download any specific LOB records from the queues
    • Source Tag – download any specific tagged records (under a LOB if applicable)
    • Imported File – download records under a specific imported file
  2. Select Output – users can choose the following Outputs:
    • Match Output Queue – records which have been auto-accepted
    • Enrichment Queue – enriched records for matched businesses
    • Active Data Queue – active Records in the Data Stewardship Queue (Low Match and No Match)
    • Low Confidence Queue – low Confidence records
    • No Match Queue – records for which no match candidates were returned
    • Monitoring Queue – monitoring updates received on registered DUNS
  3. Select Output Format – users can select an Output format as per their requirement:
    • Comma Separated Value
    • Tab Separated
    • Custom Delimiter
    • Excel

Users have an option to select Output with/without header. Additionally, they can choose qualifier for all columns to display the output in a more detailed way.

  1. Finalize Export – lastly, users have an option to select one of the following methods to proceed with the Export procedure:
    • Mark as Exported – when unchecked, users can export the same data multiple times, as the data remains within the Matchbook Portal
    • Mark as Exported – when checked, once the data has been exported, records will no longer be available for export as they will have been purged from the Matchbook Portal
  2. Exporting Data – clicking “Export Data” will generate file(s) based on the user’s above selection.
  3. Export Status – shows the status of files selected to be exported:
    • FileName – name of the Zip File
    • Requested Date – indicates system generated date and time
    • Status – in Process/ Ready
    • Download – all the files which were selected by user in Step 2.
    • Cancel – user has the option of cancelling the file at any time during the download process as shown in the below image
    • Delete – user has the option to delete any unwanted/reviewed file(s)
  4. Un-flag Exported Data – in a separate action, users can “un-flag” data that has been Marked for Export, thereby making those records available.

**Assuming the records have not already been purged from within the Matchbook Portal**

    • Below are the options for determining which records to un-flag: