The releases are coming fast and furious now with our development team incorporating more feedback from our customers and executing the product road map. See below for an outline of the New version:

Release Date: Mar 10, 2017

Release Notes

Major Release Features

  • Export Enhanced Match Output:  Additional metadata and D&B data added to the match output
  • Export Enrichment Data: Users can export enriched data from Detailed Company Profile via the UI
  • Tag based Export for Match Output: Users can export data based on tags via the UI. This is only available in Professional and Enterprise SKU
  • REST API for Data Upload: Matchbook Services now enables Professional and Enterprise edition customers to upload data to Matchbook Services using a REST API call. To get your API keys, please contact
  • License Based Feature Entitlements: Matchbook Services’ feature can be controlled based on SKU
  • Tag Based Data Security: Restrict data access for Data Stewards through the use of Tags
  • Fine-Grained Feature Access: Administrators can now restrict access for data stewards to certain Matchbook features through user security. Here are the features/access that can be controlled
    • Open investigations
    • Search by DUNS
    • Add/Edit Additional Auto-acceptance criteria
  • Review Matches Page Re-design: The review matches page now has enhanced filtering ability for match candidates
  • Monitoring DUNS Registration: Once monitoring rules are implemented, the background process can automatically register DUNS Numbers for monitoring
  • Support for D&B Direct Plus Credentials: Matchbook allows users to add credentials for Direct Direct+ API access. Future releases of Matchbook Services will allow users to seamlessly integrate D&B Direct+ as part of their cleanse/match and enrichment process.
  • Exclusion Filters for Interactive Search: When performing interactive searches from the UI, users can now pass in Exclusion clauses to the cleanse/match calls

Bugs Fixes and Minor Enhancements

  • Fix Tag Storage – Empty tags are now stored as nulls in configuration tables for streamlined filtering
  • Excel upload failure in case of duplicate column names – The issue with unhandled exception due to duplicate column names is now fixed and a valid error message is shown to the users
  • Session level filter searches based on special characters – This has now been addressed to allow “[“ and “]” characters
  • When looking at a single match record detail, users have the ability to see additional fields and keep that option open as they cycle through multiple match candidates
  • On the Import / Single Entry form, Country has been defaulted to US
  • On all screens that list countries, the sort order has been changed to show “US” first, “CA” second, “GB” third and then order the remaining by country names
  • Session filters now allow users to filter data by tags
  • Fixed refresh performance for dashboard
  • Modified reports
  • Allow users to add match as a new company and open investigations by right-clicking a match candidate on the Match Data page

For more details on Features/Pricing contact us at  805-325-3893 or send a web request