Architecting Data Warehouses and Reporting Systems

Industry: FInancial Services

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Financial Services, BI Lead

To allow this client to analyze key business metrics and also reconcile reports from different systems, Matchbook Services led the design, development and successful deployment of a central data warehouse and a decision support system. This system was built to provide the foundation for more in-depth analysis in the future and also new subject areas. It was built using Microsoft SQL Server 2005 technologies including the SQL Server 2005 relational engine, SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server Analysis Services. Data was secured using dimensional security and published to end users for consumption using SQL Server Reporting Services and Pivot Table Services in Excel and integrated into SharePoint Portal.

Matchbook also led design efforts to build an analytical system that would be used to identify usage patterns of their intranet sites and reports and helped with the formulation of data mining strategies to allow them to conduct fraud analysis.

Matchbook Services

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