Data Warehousing and Mission Critical Projects

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For this large and fast-growing employee-owned supermarket chain, Matchbook led design and development efforts on a number of mission-critical projects. We architected and led efforts to design and develop a “Real-Time” Data Warehouse for sharing data with other applications. Matchbook designed and developed key features of a pricing application, which increased the client’s ability to respond quickly to changing market conditions, resulting in an overall profit increase of over one million dollars per month.

In addition, we designed and developed a business intelligence solution to allow business & financial analysts’ simulate and analyze future pricing strategies. Matchbook led design and offshore development efforts to build a historical data mart and a decision support system for historical sales analysis. We also developed custom queries for reporting using MDX and worked with senior management, including the divisional Vice President, to develop pricing strategies and align existing goals. Finally, Matchbook coordinated efforts to standardize and centralize the management of DTS packages.

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